Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

We offer a range of remote penetration testing (pentesting) services. We will test your organisation’s defences by applying the same hacking techniques that criminals use in a safe and responsible way. You will receive ongoing updates throughout the engagement and a full report containing all discovered weaknesses and remediation advice at the end.

Our Pentest Offerings

🕸 Web Application

Web applications are the most common type of penetration test. We apply industry standard techniques to assess the security posture of your websites and web applications.

🌏 External Infrastructure

Many organisations have a requirement to expose applications and services to the internet. This type of test will uncover weaknesses in that external infrastructure.

🏰 Internal Infrastructure

We will ensure that your internal network security, servers and devices are secure by applying discovery and exploitation techniques.

🤭 Social Engineering

We will apply social engineering techniques such as phishing and/or vishing to attempt to compromise a pre-defined target. This is ideal for testing the human element of your organisation for security weaknesses.

🔎 Asset Discovery

Maintaining an up-to-date list of internet-facing assets is a difficult task. We use advanced reconnaissance methods to uncover your external assets. This is an excellent first step to increasing your organisation’s security posture and is often paired with our External Infrastructure Pentest offering. This test type can be purchased either as a one-off test or ongoing for a monthly fee.

🔄 Ongoing Testing

Getting an annual pentest is great, but what if a vulnerability is introduced the day after the penetration test is completed? Our ongoing testing offering is a monthly payment that will include 24/7 scans of your systems along with regular manual testing in order to catch vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

🤩 Pre & Post Support

We are able to provide support to prepare for your penetration test, and action remediation steps for any discovered weaknesses at additional cost.


Our one-off pentest rates vary considerably depending on the test type and requirements. In order to determine the price, we will first gather details from you to fully understand the requirements of the test. Once we have these details, we can accurately estimate the day rate and time required to complete the testing.

Our ongoing offerings “Asset Discovery” and “Ongoing Testing” vary considerably depending on the size of the scope. Contact us for a quote.